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The Key Steps to Building Better Customer

Relationships & Increased Loyalty

Understanding the Customer Journey

Key Steps to Building Better Customer
Relationships & Increased Loyalty

APS : At a Galance

APS Research and Media got its start in New Delhi since 5 years. It is a top brand management and media production company in India. Through the couple of years history of our work in research, we have completed projects sectors including automotive, electronics and durable goods, chemicals, finance and Insurance, IT and Telecom, FMCC, Medical and Pharmaceutical. We are here to provide detailed and wide coverage of industry research services in India and internationally and meet the research needs of clients from all fields. Also, with the right blend of Media analysts and experts help to measure their media image and impact in the market. Our Board of Members has strong experience with a background in International Marketing, and advertising. They have long experiences in media; brand Management, consumer behavior and research analysis and more ensure that research is the key to the success of the company ahead of the competition. Our mission is fully powered with innovative ideas to promote brand value of a company and world recognized best services. We constantly strive to create and distribute top-quality research, media assets and brand loyalty.

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Case Studies

Our Work

The services we offer are of the highest quality, so that clients believe to discover their potential in the market.

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Who we are

Thoughts APS

We think every individual has the opportunity to achieve fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of their achievements.

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Latest News

The International Show

The World Signature Awards 2018. A celebration of International show, awarding the talented individuals and companies that make their impact globally. Award will be held on December 15, 2018 in Goa.

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Key Steps to Building Better Customer
Relationships & Increased Loyalty

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What we do

Market Research

We are offering the full range of qualitative and quantitative approaches, from full-service consultancy, to data-only services.

Event Management

We organize event which help you organize a number of different special events that your organization may be interested in hosting.


We specialize in branding and design for luxury, property and education. Brand strategy lays the foundation for all our creative work.

Media Service

The impact of social media has changed the way brands communicate and how brands want to be seen and heard over communication channels.

Our Client is Everything

APS Media gives entrepreneurs the essential boost that they require to proceed and pursue their dreams. We really adore the way APS Research and Media recognizes business and service ventures. It is the platform for entrepreneurs in India to showcase their dream to the world. Way to go!

Essential Boost to Entrepreneurs

Company Name: TTK Prestige Limited
Designation: Mr. Mitesh Tarwala, Head North,

You and your team are doing an awesome job. The event was very well organized congratulations. It’s just the beginning; I can see it getting even bigger. Thanks for inviting me for highly fulfilling exercise.

Well Organized Event

Company Name: Apeejay Education Society.
Designation: Mrs. Sushma Paul Berlia, Chairman

Thanks APS Research and Media for selecting for IPSA award in 2016-17. This award not only gave us a recognition for the commitment that cloud nine has in its mission but also was able to open doors to many diverse opportunities. We wish this award a huge success as this is one of the very few platforms exclusively for socially committed organizations.

IPSA Award 2016-2017

Company Name: Cloudnine Hospital.
Designation: Mr. Amrit Ranjan, Regional Manager

The Gala Awards organized by APS Media was moving, professionally planned and executed. Being back home our whole team of my company and related companies - were boasting with pride. We were very happy with official recognition. we got to our effort making the world a healthier place.

Gala Awards

Company Name: Sanfort Group Of Schools
Designation: Mr. S. K. Rathor and Mrs. Kavita Rathor, Managing Director,

Certainly this award has opened some doors. It was a good experience, and not only winning the award, but having the chance to know other people, their ideas, etc. That's the important thing I guess!

Award Event

Company Name: Apollo Hospital.
Designation: Dr. K.K kapur, Cardiologist,

It was absolutely fantastic to meet all the bright people who are driving the innovations in a global scale!

Fantastic Meet

Company Name: A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery,
Designation: MD, Mr. Ashraf Motiwala.

A remarkable event celebrating creative minds from across the planet!

Eco Rent A Car

Company Name: Eco Rent A Car
Designation: Mr. Satpal Singh, Director,

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