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The International Product and Service Awards

Winning an award is important for any brand. Acknowledgement of achievements and deserving praise adds to the brand’s credibility. And it’s simple, only those who participate will actually be reviewed for their eligibility for the International Product & Service Awards. If you do not participate and your competitors do then it just might be one of your competitors who win even if you are the best in your category. So, don’t miss the chance to showcase your achievements and Register for IPSA. It is a mark of excellence and an acknowledgment that people agree that your brand or company excels in whatever they do. This award will prove that there are ample numbers of customers who are satisfied with your product or service and whatever you offer is of high quality. This award will help to differentiate your brand from the competition and stay miles ahead of them.

About IPSA

The International Product and Service Awards (IPSA) is one of the largest voted awards for product innovation & service quality. IPSA currently operate globally with the purpose: Guide consumers to the best products & Services in their market and reward manufacturers for quality and innovation. The IPSA are the world’s premier product & service awards. This is created by APS Research & Media, India. This Platform is created to give the honor and generates public recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and working professionals worldwide. In short order the Stevie has become one of the world’s most coveted prizes.

IPSA takes every opportunity to publicly acknowledge and promote nominees and finalists to a wide variety of business press and media outlets. Nominees are encouraged to promote their nomination on their own publicity and marketing campaigns. Winner attends the annual gala awards ceremony, either individually, or with their team, to celebrate their win and meet other innovators. The annual gives an opportunity to the hundreds of fellow innovators into a nexus of powerful networking. Short presentations or participation in panel discussions at the Forum can further increase a company’s visibility. The event is covered by the APS Research & Media and national electronic chanel records the entire program

How to Enter

Entries for The IPSA are now being accepted.  To prepare to submit your entries for the International Product & Service Awards. This step to submitting entries is to provide information about you and your organization. You can edit this information at any time after submitting it. This registration form is written as if you are planning to nominate an entire organization, department, or team achievement. Even if you are planning to nominate an individual, complete the form as is

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Frequently Ask Questions

What are the IPSA ?

The IPSA stand for International Product & Service Awards is the world’s premier Product & Service awards. The mission of the IPSA is to recognize and generate public awareness of excellence in the product & service qualities.

Who are the sponsors ?

A: The organizer of the IPSA is APS Research and media organization. The sponsors include leading business-to-business publishers and marketers. Click Here to know more about our organizer & sponsors.

Who can be nominated in IPSA ?

All organizations and individuals worldwide who belong to the product & service sector are eligible to submit entries.

What are the categories ?

There are scores of categories to recognize achievement in every sector. If you want to see the list of category you can click here.

When would the results be announced?

Within two weeks after file a nomination, our research panel would be able to send the confirmation letters of the winners. The award winners will be sent a confirmation and will be invited for the award gala.

What are the benefits of submitting entries ?

A: Participating in IPSA is a cost-effective way to honor and reward to the product and service leaders. The benefits of becoming a IPSA winners will also be significant. Honorees can expect to receive a tremendous amount of publicity.  The brand-building or brand-burnishing benefits of winning a IPSA can be significant Internationally.

May government agencies and non-profit organizations submit entries ?

Yes they may. They should mention “Non-profit Organizations” as their industry when they enter. There are also several categories specifically for government and non-profit organizations.

Are there entry fees for nomination ?

A: No, there are not any fees for the nomination, but after the final selection of the winner there would be certain amount that winner has to pay and they vary by category or if they want take a promotional package depending on their requirements in terms of copyrights, media publicity, etc. because the IPSA is an independent organization, we are funded almost exclusively by entry fees and sponsorships.

How Do I File Nomination ?

Please visit our website and fill in your nomination from the how to enter tab or you can Click Here to nominate.

What are the judging criteria ?

Judging of entries will be conducted in two phases: preliminary and final. In the preliminary phase we receive the applications filed by various nominees. The applications will be assessed by the Jury and Management of the APS Research & Media. In the Final Phase our research panels do survey through Personal & Telephonic Interviews and Digital Media Interactions, Merits of the claims of Fair Business Practices, CSR activities. They research over all area based on your industry, function, and experience etc.

Are entry forms kept confidential ?

Yes, The organizers ensure that only judges & research panel will review entries, and that information about nominees is not released to anyone else without prior approval.

What will IPSA winners receive ?

A: The IPSA winners will receive the awards trophy, awards certificate, awards logo, awards pictures, videos & the honor by the National reputes.

Can outsiders come to see the IPSA function ? If yes, what will it cost to attend the awards gala ?

Yes! They can. If the outsiders want to come to see the IPSA function, they have to purchase Tickets to attend the function. The charge will be Rs. 15,500 – 25,500 per Individuals.

Will the awards ceremony be broadcast ?

Yes, the awards presentations will be broadcast on a National TV after one week of the award ceremony, but this is only for the winners who will opt for the telecast package.

To be recognized you have to Nominate. APPLY NOW!

Award Categories

Best Product of the Year

Enterprise, Medium Scale, Small Scale
(Products created by companies from all industries, regions in India or across, and sizes are eligible. Demonstrated innovations in terms of features, tools, patents, inventions, first-to market developments etc. required)

Innovative Product of the Year

APP of the Year – Enterprise, Medium Scale, Small Scale

New Product Feature of the Year

(New feature can be offered in an existing product or service or be part of a completely new product or service)

Most Trustworthy Product of the Year

Consumer Product of the Year

Voted Product of the Year

Enterprise Product of the Year

(This includes hardware, software, financial products and applications for enterprises and large, medium and small businesses)

Product Line of the Year

(This can include a product line exclusively geared to enterprises, small/medium businesses or consumers, or a product line that includes a variety of products geared towards different customers)

Most Admired Product of the Year

Best New Product of the Year

Technology Product of the Year

Eco- Friendly Product of the Year

Retail Product of the Year

Best Product Quality of the Year

Best Selling Product of the Year

Most Emerging Product of the Year

Most Promising Product of the Year

Best Product Packaging Award

Most Durable Product of the Year

International Product of the Year

Ultimate Product of the Year

(This award recognizes the most significant electronic components and Products introduced i.e. Analog ICs, Sensors, Power, Software, Test and Measurement Systems and Boards, Processors (CPUs, MPUs, MCUs, SoC FPGAs…), Logic/Interface/Memory, Reference Designs, Development Kits, Passives, Interconnects and Electromechanical, Wireless/RF, LEDs and Lighting)

Best Retailer of the Year

Affordable Product of the Year

Homemade Product Award

Favorite Product of the Year

Entrepreneur of the Year

CEO of the Year

Best Marketer of the Year

Employee of the Year

Start up of the Year

Innovator of the Year
Service Categories

Entry Level

Enter Your Product/ service/Organization in your particular categories

Jury Selection

Once all Product/ service have been submitted, a Jury of professionals reviews the submitted entries to ensure that the innovation criteria are met before the research process.

Research Parameters

Consumer Voted, Innovation, Packaging, Uniqueness, Customer Satisfaction, Market value, Establishment of the company, Health and Nutrition, Independent Research, Media Tools, Transparent, Accuracy, Social Media and many more.

Declaration of Results

Experts declared results of all finalists whose Product/ service were surveyed in the research receive a detailed report on their category. Winners are announced at the Awards Night. The Awards Night is a chance to receive their International Product and Service Awards trophy and
certificate and mingle with their counterparts and industry experts.

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